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Cost  savings  average  6-7%

We recoup unjustified charges: we eliminate billing errors and we overcome the abnormal situations. We handle the relationship with suppliers. We reject unproven surcharges; avoid double payments. We ensure that billed services were actually required. We reduce Administrative and Personnel costs.


We give greater value and efficiency to all processes related to Logistics. We monitor KPIs constantly. Improve process control: we increase the quality of internal processes through standardization. We improve the control of suppliers, the efficiency of the payment process and consequently the cash flow.


You will get complete visibility on why costs are paid and for what services. Prepare and keep up to date a database for future bid requests and benchmarks. The perfect knowledge of your shipping profile enable  a higher level of efficiency, productivity and profitability…

Tailored services

Our services are always tailored to the specific requirements of the Customer and its features, such as the IT environment, the suppliers it works with, the kind of data available, and so on. Here are many other benefits: Allocation of automated costs; Reduction in the number of invoices; Rationalization of the supplier panel; Transfer of know-how and culture to your staff, and much more.

We help companies save on shipping costs

Facs provides professional consulting and auditing on your company's logistics