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The detailed analysis we carry out in the context of Freight Audit sometimes points to inefficiencies or provides insights into potential improvements of your logistics.


Comparison of tariffs is an indispensable task when selecting suppliers, but the choice must be motivated by other parameters, too. In a carrier selection our specialists evaluate key factors such as the service perforances, its flexibility, the information technology that enables automated data interchange and provide shipment tracking information. Last but not least human resources that the counterpart makes available is also crucial to a successful choice. FACS has collected over the years lots of information that help compare the performance of your vendors and evaluate their convenience.

Logistics  and  Distribution  projects

We offer practical and operational support to simplify your processes and improve your business results.

We aim to reduce the cost of structure, fixed component (plant, warehouse and indirect resources), and increase your working capital reducing inventories and operating costs.
Our consultants work alongside your company’s resources as experts and facilitators, adjusting the delicate balance between logistic partners and business functions.

We can provide you with expertise in purchasing, logistics, transportation, production planning, and lean manufacturing techniques.



We help companies save on shipping costs

Facs provides professional consulting and auditing on your company's logistics