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Pre Audit e Post Audit

We detect billing errors, verifying the finest details, and approve invoices before payment. We facilitate the registration of invoices by providing the data broken down as needed.
Post-Audit: when we detect recurring errors with Pre-Audit, upon your request we can also check the bills paid in previous years and handle litigations and redemptions with suppliers.


Comparison of tariffs is an indispensable task when selecting suppliers, but the choice must be motivated by other parameters, too. In a carrier selection our specialists evaluate key factors such as the service performances, its flexibility, the information technology that enables automated data interchange and provide shipment tracking information. Last but not least human resources that the counterpart makes available is also crucial to a successful choice. FACS has collected over the years lots of information that help compare the performance of your vendors and evaluate their convenience.

Tender - Contract Management

We can handle all preparation and management stages of a tender process to identify the optimal transport services among a wide panel of potential providers. We outline the requirements, criteria and instructions for the bid; the supplier selection needs to encourage competition and provide a great pool of offers. We perform an overall evaluation of the potential supplier (we do not seek just cost, but also quality and reliability). We help draft the contract and the operating procedures. We monitor costs and level of services during the start-up of a new partnership.


Before you receive your vendor's invoice, we can produce for each carrier a pre-invoice with all the relevant data and the costs calculated according to the user services. This tool performs the automated cost allocation and feeds it back to your financial system minimising work at both vendor and customer sides.


Beyond the control of vendor invoices, Freight Audit generates a number of side effects and tips to optimize logistics. We also perform consultancy services independently of Freight Audit.
The detailed analysis we carry out in the context of Freight Audit sometimes points to inefficiencies or provides insights into potential improvements of your logistics.

Quotes online

FACS gives you the ability to calculate your freight costs using a reserved area of our website. Simply enter your shipping data into a custom FACS site page to get the shipping cost within seconds. This allows you to compare different providers and services; accurately calculate the costs to be charged to the receivers; ensure that variable cost items such as fuel surcharge or foreign exchange rates are accurate.

Transport budgeting

Our simulation environment will also allow you to build your freight costs budget using historical data, by introducing tariff variations, developing long-term transports plans. With the use of customised reports you can then monitor inbound and outbound spending over a period of time and compare it to the budget for: service, distribution center, geographic area, and cost center.

Performance Indicators Monitoring

We provide you with customized reports to track your company's logistic indicators, by posting them periodically via email or by placing them on our website in the area reserved for your business and in your preferred format.