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We detect billing errors, verifying the finet details, and approve invoices before payment. We facilitate the registration of invoices by providing the data broken down as needed.


We create pre-invoices that are automatically sent to the carriers on a weekly or monthly basis. The amount is based on the shipping data coming out of your ERP system.


When we detect recurring errors with Pre-Audit, upon your request we can also check the bills paid in previous years and handle litigations and redemptions with suppliers.

Performance Indicators Monitoring

We provide you with customized reports to track your company’s logistic indicators, by posting them periodically via email or by placing them on our website in the area reserved for your business and in your preferred format.

Tenders Comparison Simulation

You can quickly compare carrier bids even in the case of a large number of shipments, complex charges, characterized by multiple cost items, foreign currencies, and variable costs such as BAF and fuel surcharges. With the help of our team, who prepare your data and load them into our TMS system, evaluating your offers requires a tenth of the time and offers greater accuracy than traditional methods.

Transport budgeting

Our simulation environment will also allow you to build your freight costs budget using historical data, by introducing tariff variations, developing long-term transports plans. With the use of customised reports you can then monitor inbound and outbound spending over a period of time and compare it to the budget for: service, distribution center, geographic area, and cost center.


We help companies save on shipping costs

Facs provides professional consulting and auditing on your company's logistics