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About us


The history of our company goes back to the year 2007 when two of us, after a career in in logistics and information technology,  decided to launch a Freight Audit service in Italy. The market research we conducted showed that there were no companies specifically engaged in this business in Italy, but the need, in part unexpressed, was enormous.   Since we started we understood the need of a flexible and cost effective solution that would enable us to serve local and global customers in the Mechanical, Luxury, Healthcare, Pharma, Food, Beverage and Publishing Industries.

The System (or  “Freight  Guard”)

Why did we build a proprietary system to control freight costs? Simple: we understood the need of a cloud-based solution available at anytime and anyplace to our clients and our consultants. Our  innovative tools provide highly efficient cost control through accurate logistic data and robust intelligence.

The consultants

On top of this FACS logistics specialists have  strong expertise in the logistics business: distribution network analysis and reingeneering, warehouse projects, shipping procedures, customs and duties, dangerous goods management …

 Teaming with Customer

Our consultants are also vectors of experience and innovation who act as partners and associates of the various business functions involved, starting with Logistics.